About us

The Yatchi story

Yatchi is an idea that has sprung from the very depths of tropical Kerala, the South Indian state, commonly known as ‘Gods own country’. The ideal conditions of the land are formed by the natural protection and shelter of the Western Ghats (mountain range) on one side and the Malabar Coastline on the other offering abundant rainfall, rich moist soil and the salty breeze of the Arabian sea. This is a farmer’s delight for both land and backwater farming. There is a variety of cottage industries and family enterprises available in this tropical paradise like coconut harvesting, coir making, glass blowing, pottery, paddy cultivation, rubber tapping, fisheries, cashew farming etc. The local produce is rich in its abundance – from the exotic fragrance of ginger, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, peppercorns, clove, bay leaf, tea leaves, coffee bean to the tropical flavours of mango, passion fruit, guava, custard apple, papaya, jackfruit, cocoa, mangosteen, rambutan, banana - you name it, you find it in the land of Kerala! 

 Yatchi was born from the very essence of this soil to give to the world the invaluable health benefits of these raw materials in the form of vitamin and wellbeing supplements. 

Who we are

We are a couple, each with over two decades knowledge and experience in the cultivation and harvesting of the local fruits and spices of Kerala. As natural as it was to have the giant trees and bushy shrubs in the courtyard of our homes, we took their invaluable health benefits for granted, till the winds of change lifted us to the wonderful lands across the seas to the British Isles. We thought no more of the fragrance and flavours for the next two decades, till the familiar names and flavours started emerging in the Western markets. Having rekindled our passion for these ingredients that we know and love so much, the conceptualisation of Yatchi commenced. 

Come join us on our journey to find you that ‘little extra’ needed in taking your health and well-being to its full potential!